Why an Electric Cello?


The main reason that I did not start playing the cello until now is that I never had anywhere to practice where I wouldn’t disturb people. I recently discovered the existence of “silent” electric cellos and after doing a lot of research I knew this was the way to go for me. All things considered, I would absolutely prefer an acoustic cello, but it’s just not something I can do right now.

The Myth of the Silent Cello
There’s no such thing as a silent cello, so if you think you won’t make any noise while practicing, think again. You will, however, make a lot less noise than you would with an acoustic cello, even with a practice mute. 

During my research I found a wonderful video by Dorette Roos. Keep in mind that she is a professional cellist comparing high-end professional cellos to low-end student cellos. Obviously the high end cellos are going to win, but that does not mean that the student cellos aren’t worthwhile. I found this video to be extremely helpful and inspiring. Take a look and leave her some love.